Guidelines for Abstract Submission

1. Abstracts should be supplied in Microsoft Word (.doc) or as an Adobe PDF manuscript.

2. Please use Times Roman, Helvetica or Arial as your font. 12 point or larger fonts should be used throughout, with the title presented in 16 point or larger.

3. Present the title and author list centered, while the paragraphs of the abstract should be left justified. Please ensure that the presenting author’s name is underlined in the author list. Please also provide a contact e-mail.

4. Use margins of at least 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) on both the left and right sides.

5. Abstracts are limited to one page of text (not more than 500 words)

6. References should appear on the bottom of the first page1.

7. A second, optional page with up to four figures may also be included. Please be certain to make a specific reference to the figures, such as to Figure 1

Please email your abstract to the Conference Convener.

1 References should follow standard APS style guidelines.