ISOL Doctoral Student Consortium

Call for Doctoral Student Consortium

Deadline: March 15, 2018

The purpose of this Consortium, which is an activity within the ISOL Conferences is to offer doctoral students the opportunity to share and discuss their doctoral research papers with a panel of prestigious scholars.

During the last two decades with the developments in globalization, international financial crises, corporate scandals and the evolution of more complex and fluid organizational structures, an increased interest in spirituality as providing a vital perspective on leadership has emerged. We need to focus on character building along with skill development in creating responsible management education and practice. Only those organizations that develop an effective conscience mechanism rooted in its spiritual and socio-cultural traditions will be doing responsible business.  In this global economy when companies have become so competitive leading to pressure and insecurity amongst the workforce the clarion call is to merge the spiritual discipline with business discipline in order to create harmony and sustain excellence.

The focus of the Doctoral Student Consortium is to engage the research scholars into intensive academic discussions pertaining to different dimensions of spiritual and ethical foundations of organizational development. The discussions on applied ethics rooted in ancient Indian wisdom traditions and its contemporary relevance in social, organizational and national context are likely to unfold new dimensions and perspectives in the world of research.

The ISOL 2018 Doctoral Consortium Committee is pleased to invite doctoral students to participate in the Doctoral Consortium which will be held during the World Congress on Vedic Foundations of Management Science (September 10-15, 2018) at Fullerton Hall, The Art Institute of Chicago.

The selected papers of Doctoral Student Consortium will present their dissertation proposals. The panel members will provide participants with guidelines and suggestions that will help them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their proposals, to improve their contents, and to prepare themselves to defend their final thesis dissertations before the examining jury.

The doctoral projects submitted to the Doctoral Consortium will be subject to a blind review process by an international jury whose members will select the papers that meet the requirements mentioned in following paragraphs. The selected proposals will be presented in the Doctoral Student Consortium: Interactive Session.

After the presentations, of approximately fifteen minutes each, the members of the panels will comment and discuss the conceptual and methodological aspects of each proposal, as well as the performance of the doctoral candidate during his/her presentation.

Panels will be integrated by distinguished Professors with vast experience as members of the publishing committees of journals and reviews, as thesis jury members, and as authors of important publications.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submission need to be in English (maximum 10 pages, 1.5 space, comprehensive and sufficient content to enable adequate review)
  2. Submission to be send to

Doctoral Consortium Submission Deadline March 15, 2018